The Pronoia Philosophy

When we started Pronoia our main goal was to help people. We want to be a business that means more than just their products. So that’s what we did.Awhile back we stumbled upon Pronoia. Pronoia, is the counterpart to the evil and diminishing, Paranoia. We all experience paranoia in our lives, some more than others, but its often present when we want it the least. The paranoia in our minds can ruin good thought patterns and the way we interact with people and situations. Which is why we need to spread the mental state of Pronoia. Pronoia is when you create positive experiences through your thought patterns and actions rather than creating anxiety and fear over certain situations.In simple terms, paranoia is created in our minds, so if it can be created then we can destroy it as well. This sort of thinking takes time to master, but when we become functional under this state of being, our lives begin to transform.The good thoughts we create will attract more of them. When we have more positivity in our minds it’ll lead our lives in the direction that we want.How to adopt Pronoia Thinking:First, it requires that you be mindful of your thoughts. If mindfulness is difficult for you then we suggest that you download one of the many great mediation apps on the app store. We like to use the app Calm.From there, once you’re able to recognize your thought patterns, take a step back from them. What we mean by step back is to listen to them without fighting. You’ll be able to notice how your negative thoughts are dragging you down.Now this is where we incorporate Pronoia.As soon as you experience a negative thought, challenge it with exact opposite. If your mind said “I’m not good enough” Tell yourself you are. If it said “I can’t do that” Tell yourself you can.Say it aloud. Go in your car and SCREAM it as loud as you can.If you’re in a situation and your brain is telling you “This is too much, I can’t handle all this pressure” Tell yourself you can. Convince yourself you can.

If YouTube can convince people that Aliens are real and the dollar bill was created as an art piece for 9/11, then you can convince yourself that you can do anything.

Pronoia, at its simplest, is changing the way you think. Challenging the bad with some good. We’d bet that once you start thinking with Pronoia mindset it won’t only be the negative thoughts in your mind that you challenge, but the negative situations you’re put in as well.Thinking this way doesn’t happen over night. Its not easy, but the easy things in life are almost never worth it.We want you to try this out. Try it for a week or maybe just a day. See if anything changes. Maybe your days become happier or less stressful, or with less anxiety, or fear.Share your stories with us for a chance to be featured on the website and our social media pages! Send us an email at